Our quotes are F.O.B Jaipur, INDIA unless otherwise stated. However, we will be pleased to assist you in shipping as well. To enable us to give you the right quote, kindly provide us with complete shipping information. This would include the final destination of the shipment and the mode of shipment i.e. by air, sea or courier.

Shipping by sea becomes economical when the shipment is large (above 3000 pcs) however it also takes more time than by air. Thus, shipping time would also be an important criteria while deciding the mode of transport.

Sea shipping usually takes about 4-5 weeks

Airfreight usually takes anywhere between 5 and 12 days and costs a bit more than sea shipment.

Bulk Courier services take just about 5-6 days, but do cost more (for small quantities, this option often works out cheaper than the other two. We'll be happy to work out the best options for you). Most clients prefer this option because these people take care of customs and all import formalities and bring your shipment to your doorstep for you. We use international courier companies like UPS, FedEx or TNT to ship our bags.

Shipping charges depend upon the mode used and the weight/volume of the order. We will be pleased to provide quotes on per job basis. Please provide us as much detail as possible so that we can quote accurately. We do have excellent tie-ups with the airlines, shipping lines and courier companies who provide us huge discounts.

Again, in our endeavor to suggest you the best possible option, please let us know all the details.

Also see, FAQs for more details.